Understanding Variance In Online Slots

When playing real money online slot games there are few things that you need to check for. This is because it is these few things that are able to affect the amount of real money that you are able to walk away with. 

One of these things that you need to check for as you play online slot games is something that is called variance. And below we shall define variance as well as state why it important that you check for slot variance when looking for a real money slot game to play.

What is slot variance?

In order for you to understand what variance means in real money slot games you will first need to know what risk is. The slot variance in any games will be determine by the level of risk that your money will have to take in the game. Variance will not measure by playing the slot games once or twice, you would have to play it for several times before you can come up with the slot variance. 

Take for instance playing a game once and then you are lucky enough to hit the jackpot of that game. This does mean that it is a high variance game, it just means you are lucky. However, should you play the same game over and over again and you keep on winning the prize money, then you can be sure that the game is a high variance slot machine.

Therefore, basically, variance in a slot game is the level of risk that you will have to take when you are playing a game this will then be determined by the amount of money that the game will be able to pay out.

Types of Slot Variance

There are basically three different of variance in a slot game, or we can also say that there are three levels of risk that you can take when you play slot games. And these high, low and medium risk. All the slot games that you will play will fall under any one or two of these three categories. In most cases, when measures variance in online slot you will find that the games are  medium to high variance, or medium to low or which way it works. 

But what does it mean to have a game that a low, medium or high variance ? Allow us to explain below.

Low Variance

When you play a low variance slot game, this does not mean that the games will reward you with little returns. It means that the payout in the game will be frequent but they will be small. Therefore, this then means that you will be able to win a little something every time that you spin the reels to play the game. This also means that because of the variance you will also have access to the games bonuses and promotions most of the time. However, as we mentioned before, the prize money will not be much. Low variance slot games mean that there is little risk associated to the game that you are playing.

Medium Variance

Then we have medium variance games. The majority of real money slot games fall under this category. The reason why most of the slot games fall under this section is because it gives you a little bit of both the highs and lows in the game. Basically, these games are literally a gamble. Unlike the low variance games where you win low rewards the medium wins can either be big or small. And they will be activated at random throughout the game. This what then makes the games exciting because you van not really predict how much you will be able walk away with. Your wins will either big or small. 

High Variance

In high variance slot games it means that you will be able to play for  along time before you win anything at all. This the direct opposite of the low variance slot games. In high variance the wins are very rare, but when they do come, and they will they will be quite big. These types of slot games will not throw out cash often. That is why it is advisable to use the smallest possible bet size as you will be playing for a long time before you are finally able to win real rewards.

Why Variance Matters

Variance matters because it will determine whether or not you are walking with a prize money, also with variance you determine the amount of money that you will be able to walk with at the end of the day. With the low variance games, your payouts are frequent but very low, meaning there is little risk. With the medium variance games payouts are random, either big or small and they appear randomly as well. The risk with games is medium. With high variance games, the risk is high but the reward is greater.