Types of Online Slots

Online slots are the most popular real money online casino game. The reason being that they easy to learn easy to play and have a variety of features that offer the punters more real money rewards. To enjoy the online slots, you need to make sure that you read the rules and you need to ensure that you know the type of game that you re playing. We say this because there are several different types of real money online casino slot games. 

What Are The Different Online Slot Types?

3 reel slots

Online casinos were created from their land based counterparts. Therefore most of the games that are liable at online casino shave replicas at land based casinos. Hence, the online slots where also create din the same manner. 

3 reel slots or classic slots as they are known where the first online casino slot games. They where made to look like the slot machines at land based casinos. And they play the same way too as well. They are brightly colored and players will see symbols like the Bar, 7, 777, cherries and lemons. 

3 reel slots are the easiest online slot gams to play. To win, you simply need to match three symbols along the top, middle or bottom reel.

5 reel slots

From the technology advancements then came the 5 reel slots. These slots where created to look for fun and exciting and to offer player more winning pay lines as they played the games. 

The 5 reel slots will give the players a tonne of different game themes to choose from when they play. And they also have other features as well that increase a players winning chances like the wild and scatter symbols. 

Some of the games will also even come with free spins and bonus games. Because of the many added features they are a slightly a bit mor complicated to understand, but once you do, you will find that they are all the same. 

Progressive Slots

If you are looking to win mega real money rewards at online casinos then these are the slots you need to play. Progressive slots are slots where the jackpot prize will grow each time that the game is played. The jackpot in these slot games can reach up to millions of dollars before they ae claimed. One disadvantage is that they have very low winning odds as they want to ensure that the prize money grows. But we assure if you where to these games, you would enjoy a mega jackpot prize. 

Mobile Slots

Online casinos where created before mobile smartphones became a trend. Therefore, the majority of online casinos are compatible with desktops and PC’s and not with mobile casinos. However, mobile slots are created specifically for the smartphones. 

These are slots that will integrate seamlessly with mobile devices to allow for great gameplay and perfect visuals and graphics. Players can either download the mobile slots or they play them online with no download required. Regardless of where you chose to play them, the slots will be to offer you mega real money rewards.

Mega spin slots

If there is one thing that online casino games are good at, its making sure that you have good time when you play the games. And one of the ways that they do this by giving you mega spin slots. 

These are slots games that allow you to play several of them at once same screen. The best part about these lots is that they usually progressive games. Meaning that as you play you have more chances of walking away with top real money rewards 


Multipliers are online slots that will give the players options to play games wit a certain multiplier attached to the wins. The multipliers are able to increase the players prize money by the number that is attached to it. 

Most games will  have 2x  to 10x multipliers attached  to them. But if you are lucky enough you can also come across games that have up to 100x multipliers that are attached to the wins. 

Some games will have automatic multipliers while for other games you will have to trigger them. To figure out which is w, you can read the rules before you attempt the multiplier games. 

Multi-pay line

These are slots that have a lot of pay lines that plyers can play with when they place their bets. To be called a multi-pay line slot, the games will have over 243 different winning ways. Some of which will pay left to right, right to left, diagonal, and zigzag as well. 

These are great games if you looking for  variety of ways to walk away with real money prizes. But for some, the many pay lines tend to be confusing. Multi-pay line slots will also give the players the various winning features like the scatter, wild, bonus symbols to mention but a few.