The Best Casinos on the Net


Maple casino – Canada

Maple Casino has 17 of the most popular progressive slots on the net, each one offering either 3 or 5-reels. This is one of the most popular online casinos at the moment as their jackpot is generally a six-figured number and their payouts on all their games is pretty spectacular.

Maple Casino has used only the best graphics and software to produce their progressive jackpot slots and this is evident in the quality of their games in so far as the imagery and over-all functionality. The 5-reels slots offer the most benefits and the highest payouts as players can increase their bets and thus, increase not only the amount they can win, but the number of times they can win as well.

Because there is so much variety, progressive slots are not the only types of slots available – Mega spin slots is also another option and allow players to play on a number of slot machines all at the same time and bet the same amount of money on each slot providing numerous opportunities to win.

Casino Mate – Australia

Casino Mate is an Australian casino offering a great progressive pokies experience. There are various themed pokies and different reels on which all players can choose to get their fun and entertainment. Before players start playing, there are different guides to read – each one offering their own useful tips on how to play the progressive pokies.

Players can also read up about each progressive pokie before downloading the game. There are so many different themes that it would be unlikely for players to run out of progressive pokies, as everyone will encourage different bouts of excitement. Progressive pokies also give players the opportunity to win a jackpot that constantly increases in value, which is a great incentive for having fun.